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To rent a bike is an easy and popular option for getting from A to B in Germany’s capital of Berlin. Not only is kicking the pedals far healthier and much more environmentally friendly than opting for a rental car or taxi, it is also more fun and helps save time and money. That’s why more and more natives and tourists alike rely on bicycles as a means of transport or to simply explore the beautiful city.

Whether you are on a business trip and feel the need to balance out your time spent at the office with an interesting outdoor activity, or sightseeing while on vacation with your partner, friends or family, think about whether you can benefit from choosing to rent a bike in Berlin.

Popular and innovative service to rent a bike in Berlin

A popular and innovative bike rental service in Berlin is called upperbike bikesharing, a useful marketplace that creates value by connecting lenders and prospective renters across the city. In addition to ensuring a wide coverage on the map, their unique concept guarantees a wide selection of all sorts of bikes, including mountain bikes, cargo bikes, tandem bikes, racing bikes and bikes with trailers.

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Payments are settled directly between renter and lender, and typical payment methods include cash, PayPal and bank transfers. It is also common practice for lenders to require a deposit, which is usually charged in cash and collected at the time the bike is picked up and returned once the bike is dropped off again. Typical prices range from EUR 4.00 – EUR 15.00 per day. Almost all providers offer significant discounts for weekly and monthly agreements.

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Renting a bike in Berlin is easy, inexpensive and very versatile. Not only can a rental bicycle be found at almost every corner of the city, this means of transport also saves eliminates the trouble of having to navigate through traffic jams and finding a parking lot. Besides, there’s nothing better than getting to know the city by riding the bike on a beautiful and warm summer day.

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